was born in Porvoo, Finland in 1946. He studied flute with Juho Alvas at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and completed his Diploma in Flute Performance in 1972. He have worked as the principal flute teacher at the Kuopio Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Finland from1969 until 2009. He has also studied the basics of conducting with Jorma Panula and Jussi Jalas, and composition with Sakari Mononen and Joonas Kokkonen. Lindholm has had concerts and master classes with his own works around in Finland and abroad in Sweden, Spain and Norway. He has been a member of the Society of Finnish Composers since 1993 and director musices since 2010.
The greater part of Lindholm's output comprises chamber music works for flute. His musical language is melodic and free-tonal. The suggestion of ancient mysticism is often evident in his works.
Lindholm, as composer and pedagogue, wants to provide a bridge between the more traditional and the most modern musical styles. He also aims to create music which is idiomatic for the instruments, and which is comfortably playable for the musician.


Happy Days

New and Romantic Music from Kuopio by Herbert Lindholm
Sea Air, Concertino Carelia, Lapland, Cello Ritornello, Happy Days, Goodbye
Rauno Tikkanen, conductor, Amko Strings and Open Sinfonietta
Pilfink JJVCD-74 (2009)

Suomalaista musiikkia huilulle ja jousiorkesterille I / Jalas Chamber

Lappi, (Lapland) balladi 2 huilulle ja jousiorkesterille, Op 62
Levy-yhtiö: Suomen Huiluseura Ry
EAN: 6419369992095  2008
Tuotenumero: SHS108

Solisti: Juutilainen, Hanna, Alanko, Petri, huilu

Poems of Remembrance

Kai Nieminen, guitar
Herbert Lindholm: Sacromonte, op. 54
Pilfink JJVCD-37


Moments Musicaux
Åsa Gustavsson, flute
Herbert Lindholm: Four Winds, op. 55
Okay OKECD 1107


Nordic Nights

The Chamber Orchestra Camis / Antti Meurman, conductor
Herbert Lindholm: Nordic Nights, concerto for two flutes and strings
soloists: Elina Savolainen and Sari Vaittinen
Kuopio Conservatoire of Music and Dance, KUKO-3

Title: The Highlights of the Finnish Championship for the Wind Bands

Jyväskylän Puhallinorkesteri / Nikke Isomöttönen
Linnanpihalla / In the Courtyard op. 65 
Suomen puhallinorkesteriliitto r.y.
SPOL 2009

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