Arrangements and
by Herbert Lindholm

Pajupilli /
The Willow Pipe
Album of Finnish Folk Tunes

arrangements for Flute and Piano or for 2-3 flutes (1996)

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Folk Song Suite I no 1, "Tuoll' on mun kultani /
There is my Darling" 

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Niin kauan minä tramppaan
(As long as I stroll...) (3 fl)         

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Kuka sen saunan... (Who is going to Heat the Sauna Bath?) 
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Ainoa olen talon tyttö (The Farmer's Daughter) 
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Kansansävelmiä huilulle,
Album of Finnish Folk Tunes

Arrangements for Flute and Piano,
Solos and Duets (1995)

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Suite no 1
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Suite no 2
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Duet no 1       
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Duet no 2       
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Album of arr. for Four Flutes
Music from Five Centuries (1993)

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J. S. Bach: Fugue 
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Variations on
"La Donna è mobile"

op. 38 (2002)

Show piece for 4 picc, 4 fl, pno 

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First performance 17.11.2002 in Kuopio Music Hall,
Composer's Flute Ensemble

Valmiit vihkot saa:

Music above also available

Windy Wolfgang

Variations on the theme "O wenn ich doch"
from Magic Flute by Mozart
for Piccolo and 3 Flutes (2005)

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Tomtegubbar / Tonttu-ukot

"Ylitaiteellinen joululaulusikermä"
"Overly artistical Christmas songs"
2 Picc, 6 Fl, Afl/Bassfl (2005)

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